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Women’s Health

CPL offers a comprehensive menu of testing for women’s health used to screen, diagnose, and monitor the development of associated diseases centered around clinical and societal guidelines.

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Reproductive Health

As one of the country’s largest and preferred diagnostic laboratories, Sonic Healthcare USA supports patients and clinicians by offering a comprehensive reproductive health testing menu.



The ThyroSeq® test utilizes cutting-edge science to offer the most personalized management for patients with thyroid nodules and cancer.

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We utilize the most accurate and up-to-date testing platforms and methodologies, under the guidance of our COVID-19 Task Force, to best detect and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our communities.

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Sonic ProXY Fetal Sex Test

Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) is pleased to offer Sonic ProXY Fetal Sex Test, a convenient and affordable test to determine your baby’s sex as early as 8 weeks.