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Telehealth/Virtual Visits

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Connect with your patients virtually and care for your patients remotely.


Accelerating the transition to virtual care delivery

Patients are increasingly drawn to the concept of healthcare services that come to them as compared to navigating the complex care continuum. A medical research firm, Parks Associates, released a report showing that 60% of U.S. households “are interested in remote care that would take place online or by telephone.” With the availability of virtual visits, healthcare organizations can enable delivering care for patients in a way that makes their experience more convenient, more streamlined and more closely attuned to their needs. Virtual care can help providers ensure improved access to care, care continuity, better community engagement, and quality care for patients.


Uninterrupted virtual consultation experience when reviewing the patient’s chart within the EHR

EHR Agnostic

Created to work with any EHR without any integration and live within 24 hours

Smart Workflows

Workflows designed to facilitate coordinated care with features such as virtual waiting rooms

HIPAA Compliant

Curated for healthcare with 6 layers of security, HIPAA-compliant video and text, and end-to-end encryption

FHIR Interoperable

Integrates with provider EMR and PMS systems using FHIR standards to facilitate scheduling and data sharing

Multi-Screen Compatible

Designed to work seamlessly across all your devices , download and launch on your laptop, mobile or iPad seamlessly

Conduct seamless telehealth visits and consultations

Providers can review electronic health records within the virtual care network and complete documentation for coding and care gaps. Secure communication and can be launched on mobile devices to enable on-the-go consultations.

Virtual care coordination made simple with integrated outreach

Monitor data stream alerts and trends for continuous care and improved outcomes. Automate office workflows and use advanced analytics to augment your practice performance to coordinate care and leverage outreach.

Automate office workflows using advanced analytics

Our telehealth solution facilitates automation in scheduling, follow up and sending bulk assessments, simplifying reporting and bill payment requests. Additionally, it tracks performance metrics and identifies revenue growth opportunities.

Monitor data stream alerts and trends for continuous care

Through smart summaries and continuous data feeds on clinical insights, the solution helps synchronize care. Providers, from the comfort of their home or office, can add value to care through real-time visibility of patient status.

Become a Telehealth Client

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