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CriticalConnection (Purchasing)

With CriticalConnection purchasing decisions are easier than ever. 

Supplying your clinic is a big job: CriticalConnection is here to help

CriticalConnection Doctor Purchasing, Inc. is a large physician organization, leveraging the purchasing power of its combined memberships to offer increased discounts from vendors. CriticalConnection was developed to offer physician clinics both time- and cost-saving measures. CriticalConnection is proud to offer an extensive portfolio from recognized national vendors. We offer savings up to 40% on all of these supplies and services:

Office Supplies

  • Recognized national vendor agreement
  • Recognized national company
  • Top-quality office products
  • Office furniture and equipment
  • On-time compliance training

Transcription Services

  • Recognized national vendor agreement
  • Hospital and multispecialty experience
  • Can transcribe from handheld devices or a toll-free call-in line

Medical Supplies

  • Recognized national vendor agreement
  • Leading supplier of medical supplies for physician offices and smaller hospitals
  • Immunizations

Telecom Services

  • High-speed internet, phone, cable
  • Full-featured phone service
  • Enterprise-class network and cloud services

Electronic Payment

  • Recognized national vendor agreement
  • Customized processing plans


  • Comprehensive printing services

How to register

Email [email protected] or call 512.236.1887, you will then be contacted by a healthcare resource team to evaluate current needs, and we will provide a savings analysis. Current members are saving up to 40% per vendor. By joining CriticalConnection Doctor Purchasing, Inc., your smaller to midsized clinic can enjoy the purchasing power of a much larger organization.