CPL now supplies the Vacuette gel separator tubes from Greiner for serum collections. In response to supply chain issues, we have validated the Vacuette gel tube with clot activator as equivalent to the Vacutainer Serum Separator (SST) tube (also known as “Tiger top” tubes) from Becton-Dickinson. In our evaluation, we have further determined that the tube tends to slide more freely in and out of needle holders for ease of use. In the future, your request for collection supplies may be filled with either tube, but over time expect to transition to the Vacuette collection tube.

Below is an image of the Vacuette gel separator tube you may receive when an order is placed for SST or Tiger-top tubes.

The tube volume is 8.0 mLs, has a red cap with a yellow ring and is comparable to the BD Vacutainer tube (volume 8.5 mLs).


Specimen Handling Instructions:

Invert 5-10 times immediately after collection. Incomplete or delayed mixing may result in delayed clotting or post-clotting fibrin formation. Tubes must be allowed to clot upright for 30 minutes and centrifuged within 2 hours of collection.

Supply Ordering Instructions:

Please order as normal, however, list individual counts versus tray counts so orders may be filled appropriately.