Effective December 8th, 2022, Clinical Pathology Laboratories is proud to announce the availability of enhanced reports for allergy testing. CPL has validated a report routine that automatically generates and stores the enhanced report for the subset of testing on an accession that includes any allergen specific IgE testing, including regional panels, food panels, pediatric panels or individually ordered allergens. The reports are available in CPL’s Atlas laboratory portal. In addition, certain electronic medical records are programmed to receive encoded, embedded PDF documents and may be able to download the enhanced report. For more information about how to receive this service, please contact your account executive.

Additional information about the report:

  • These are specialized allergen specific IgE reports, enhanced to optimize data display. In the enhanced report, allergens are grouped based on clinical relatedness.
  • For enabled PDF readers, highlighted allergen names provide links to additional educational content hosted at www.allergyinsider.com/allergeninfo. This is hosted by ThermoFisher Phadia Scientific, the manufacturer of the allergen specific IgE testing platform. The linked content provides information on clinical implications, common symptoms, and cross-reactivities. CPL does not have editorial control over linked content.
  • Additional testing performed on the patient accession are not given in this enhanced report.

The information from the enhanced report and linked content does not constitute medical advice. A clinical diagnosis should be made only by the clinician after all clinical and laboratory findings have been evaluated in context of the patient’s history, allergen exposure and symptoms. ImmunoCAP™ Specific IgE Allergen codes are specific for ImmunoCAP products. The comments generated herein are copyright protected and may only be used together with ImmunoCAP results. No liability is accepted with the use of the comments.

Please contact your local sales representative for more information and how to receive the new enhanced reporting.