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Sonic ProXY Fetal Sex Determination by PCR

Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) is pleased to offer Sonic ProXY Fetal Sex Determination by PCR, a convenient and affordable test to determine fetal sex as early as 8 weeks.


blood collection


24 - 48 hours
from time of receipt


Rapid, real-time
PCR technology

With only one tube of blood, PCR technology accurately detects the presence or absence of Y-chromosome material from the circulating cell-free DNA in the pregnant individual’s blood. A result will be reported through the EMR within 24-48 hours from time of receipt.

Step 1: One EDTA (lavender top) tube is drawn at your office or at one of our convenient patient service centers.

Step 2: Sample is sent to the laboratory for processing; circulating, cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is extracted from the sample and analyzed.

Step 3: RT-PCR technology accurately detects the presence or absence of Y-chromosome DNA, determining fetal sex.

Step 4: Test result will be reported to your EMR.

Sonic ProXY Fetal Sex Test    3349 Lavender, critical refrig None*
Test Name  Order Code Specimen Type/Collection Instructions   CPT

*This is a nondiagnostic prenatal fetal sex test. This test may not be accurate when fetal mosaicism occurs, or if the pregnancy is not a singleton (twins, multiples). Discordant results can occur if the patient is less than 8 weeks pregnant or has a low circulating DNA fetal fraction. No HCPCS code is assigned to this assay.

Note: As a nonclinical test, no insurance claim will be filed. You or your patient will be billed directly.

Please speak to your account representative to get started with Sonic’s ProXY Fetal Sex Test

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