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Know your baby's sex as early as 8 weeks pregnant!

Ask your provider about Sonic ProXY Fetal Sex Test

Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) is pleased to offer Sonic ProXY Fetal Sex Test, a convenient and affordable test to determine your baby’s sex as early as 8 weeks.


blood collection


24 - 48 hours
from time of receipt


Rapid, real-time
PCR technology

Two simple steps to get tested:

CPL Patient Service Centers do not require an appointment for blood draws and accept walk-ins; the average wait time is less than 15 minutes.

Locate your nearest CPL Patient Service Center at

Step 1

Ask your healthcare provider to provide you with a CPL lab order for the test.

Step 2

Have a single tube of blood drawn at your healthcare provider’s office or at one of our Patient Service Centers.

Ask your healthcare provider for the Sonic ProXY Fetal Sex Test today!

Note: As a nonclinical test, no insurance claim will be filed. You may be billed directly.

Disclaimer: This is a nondiagnostic prenatal fetal sex test. This test may not be accurate when fetal mosaicism occurs, or if the pregnancy is not a singleton (twins, multiples). Discordant results can occur if you are less than 8 weeks pregnant or have a low circulating DNA fetal fraction.